With a background as a Clinical Pharmacist, Abdelrahman worked as a research associate with the aim of increasing cancer patient survival rates at the children’s cancer hospital in Egypt.

With three other partners, Abdelrahman co-founded his first venture “Leadership Factory” in an attempt to make the concept of leadership development accessible among youth. Through the past 10 years, he’s had the opportunity to deliver more than 10,000 hours of formal and informal training for youth in different settings, across 73 countries and territories, aimed at youth empowerment and leadership development.

After a 9 years journey, Abdelrahman served as Global President for AIESEC, a youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. In that role, he facilitated more than 41,000 volunteering and professional experiences with a youth base of more than 49,000 members from 126 countries and territories.

Currently, a Schwarzman Scholar, Global Affairs Masters student at Tsinghua University, and an aspiring serial entrepreneur with a portfolio of 3 startups in Edutech and Healthtech, while serving as the Managing Partner at Allmende