Anita Zivkovic was born in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia. After enrolling in the studies of Economy (University of Belgrade), Anita became part of the largest youth-led organisation – AIESEC. After taking part in the various fields and positions such as sales, human resources and event organiser on a local and national scale in Serbia and Austria, she concluded her AIESEC career  as the President of AIESEC in Austria.

In 2017 she joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Headquarter in Vienna, as part of the Communications team, working on the advocacy and media relations both for UNIDO’s project portfolio (800+ projects around the globe) as well as the organisational communication support, including all major events with UNIDO’s contribution. Anita closely worked on UNIDO’s PCP (Programme for Country Partnership) – an innovative model for accelerating inclusive and sustainable industrial development and initiatives of the Department of Environment that provides assistance for the improvement of the environmental performance of existing industry and fostering new industries delivering environmental goods and services. During this time, Anita gained her Master’s degree in the field of Environmental management.

As of 2020 she is providing consulting services in the field of Communications to the Statistics and Research Department of UNIDO. In April 2020 Anita Zivkovic joined RDB, an international award-winning expert agency when it comes to  building brands & driving growth through content and marketing, as Funds & Grants Specialist with particular focus on funds opportunities and joint partnerships.