Sarah Bounouira, born and raised in Vienna, started her career early on within the organizational coaching field, working with a variety of companies throughout Europe (Raiffeisen Bank International, Novartis, Alcon, RMS, Scout24 etc.). Her interest in what drives higher human performance, while maintaining health, evolved tremendously within these years of work, which is why she studied Sociology in Vienna and Paris, eventually earning a MSc in Performance Psychology in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her main research focused on the resulting effects of stress on the social environment and health and work, which deepened her understanding of people’s behaviour and development linked to the context they operate. Sarah’s vision and work approach finally found cohesion by combining her expertise of business performance and sport. She developed a psychological skills training program in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which is based on the most recent findings of sport psychology and its applicability to other high performance domains, such as business or the performing arts, in order to drive higher human performance and organizational success. 

Sarah Bounouira  returned to her hometown in 2020, where she began her work at RDB. Based on her holistic approach towards capacity building on multiple levels (the perfect interplay of mental, emotional and physical capacities), Sarah is helping individuals to meet their core needs to drive higher performance, realize their highest potential and develop the necessary team dynamics for optimal organization outcomes, while keeping people healthy and engaged.