In recent years the Austrian with Spanish roots Denise Alonzo-Debout developed into one of the leading female executives in the branding and marketing industry, fostering her position as Managing Partner, Client Service Director and backbone of Social Responsibility Efforts at RDB | Robin des Bois – a market leading international agency for purpose-driven communication. Successfully consulting NGOs & Non-Profits like Polarstern, Animal Care International, Eden Reforestation Projects, Momo Child Hospice, The Western Union Foundation, UN Women UK, NFChildren, etc. Her expertise in branding, fundraising & communication and her obsession to drive positive impact allows her to head up Corporate Social Responsibility & Shared Value initiatives at The Major Oak. Denise Alonzo-Debout is also a humble owner & servant of Maya’s Sanctuary – a sustainable and safe haven for animals in need. Beloved wife and champion for the underserved.