Jakov Bozovic was born in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia. During his studies in the field of Economy (University of Belgrade), he was actively engaged in AIESEC, largest youth-led organization, having leading roles in the field of marketing and business development. He finished his AIESEC career as a Head of Marketing in Serbia.

Jakov moved to Vienna, Austria in 2017, and joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), at Rural Entrepreneurship, Job Creation and Human Security Division in the Agri-business Development Department.

From 2017 – 2019 he worked in UNIDO on youth and women employment projects through entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship. He also gained his Master’s degree in Environmental management.

As of 2020, Jakov Bozovic is the Managing Partner and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at The Major Oak (TMO), a social innovation engine, that holds a portfolio of companies in the US, Austria and the Philippines. TMO’s Objective is to build a global network of world leading companies that push the boundaries of social entrepreneurship.